Take a risk, break some rules, & messing up

Ok, so the last 3 days I’ve been working on making an app that creates a database. To do this, I’m using ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, and Sinatra (maybe). Boy has it been a whirlwind!

I learned that psql –help can get you help of PostgreSQL. and that psql is a shell like bash is. psql -l gives you a list of your databases and that the -l is a lowercase L not a 1! psql -d postgres connects you to the database. All of this is probably was in the worksheet, but fortunately Max helped me out when I got stuck!

Then I needed to install Rake, but then I updated me gems which created conflicts galore and nothing would work. So I used gem list to get a list of all the gems and referred to the list given my when I updated my gems (thank goodness I screenshot everything!) and installed the older version of each one. But then bundle install didn’t install the dependencies!  I had read in the hours of research that goes on whenever I make a mistake that someone changed their Gemfile.lock. Something Adda told us never to do. But I did. Broke the rules! and it worked.

So I was able to finish my project. I’m going to be getting to bed pretty late but it’s done and I’m happy.

At some point I hope to be able to do 2 steps in a row without either messing up or spending hours researching what I don’t understand. Until then: Thank goodness for instructors and Google!


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