Shopify e-commerce

Client: clothology:135

clothology:135 is a beautiful boutique with gorgeous clothes. The owner, Pam Burton, wanted an online store that highlighted clothology:135’s commitment to service and feature a blog written by her daughter, Mackenzie. She had attempted the project using Shopify’s platform but decided to bring me in to develop a site that would meet all her needs. Since the opening six months earlier, the website had featured a “coming soon” message. Concerned that potential customers would think her brick-and-mortar location wasn’t open, we decided to first publish a landing page with hours of operation, location, and services available. Later we added Mackenzie’s blog. Currently, we are completing the online store and plan to be live in early summer.

This project gave me the opportunity to become a Shopify Partner and to learn their platform. I read everything I could find about Shopify and creating test sites to become used to their builder software.

Working with Pam has been the best experience. It is wonderful to have a client who has spent a lifetime cultivating her own sense of style and thus is able to make decisions quickly. And, frankly, she’s lovely.

clothology:135's homepage
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