New Project(s)…

I’ve completed all of the courses I’ve paid for. And now I’m thinking, “What’s next?” I like learning so much. And It’s great that my job is learning one thing after the other. Currently that means AI, OpenAI, LangChain, Pinecone db… But I’ve always felt it was important for me to have a personal project I enjoy working on. Something that I can build just because I’m interested in it.

The current idea is to pick up some new thing/technologies/deeper dives and complete a project for each one. I may follow the outline of the State of JavaScript 2023 survey as an outline at times. I mean – what are some of those tools, libraries, etc.? How do they work? How do they compare? At others I’ll follow topics mentioned in a podcast or a newsletter.

First up may be Open Props. I heard about it on the Bad at CSS podcast (great podcast!) and it looks interesting. I’ve used Bootstrap and a bit of Tailwind. But Open Props seems much more approachable? We’ll see.

And I may add a few things together. Work with Astro, with Vite, with…

We’ll see. Anyway – the most recent paid course I took was Josh Comeau’s CSS for JavaScript Developers and The Joy of React. Both are definitely worth the money. I completed some of the projects in the class, but not all of them. I wanted the courses mostly as a resource. Josh shows how to overcome many gotchas. And goes in depth about what’s behind something like the useState hook. He does a fantastic job showing and explaining the details of every example and project. Really great!

Ok, that’s it for now.