Taking your time

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I'm a big fan of the idea of consistent effort. Even doing a little bit each day - you can achieve a great deal. But, as you can see since…

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Some GOOD news!

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I've started a new job at Skillcrush! I'm working part-time/temporary as a Teaching Assistant. I mostly answer questions about HTML & CSS and how to use them to build beautiful…

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Writing blog posts

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I've been confident in my writing since college. My minor was in history which means writing several papers every semester. I can crank out twelve pages on just about any…

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React practice

My first introduction to React was through an introductory Skillcrush course. We made a few projects using CodeSandbox. And since then, I've taken an intro Scrimba course. But I really…

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Skillcrush is Amazing!

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There was once a time when I didn't know how to code. I knew no languages or how to build WordPress sites. I also knew nothing about marketing and very…

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CSS Animations intro

Be the best version of you. An example from the Scrimba course. Last weekend I finally dove into a topic I've long been curious about: CSS animations. JavaScript is often…

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Gutenberg Meetup – part 7

Importing layouts greatly expands the flexibility of the Gutenberg Editor. If you have a favorite layout, you can import your designs from a different site using a JSON file. There…

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Gutenberg Meetup – part 6

Plugins can extend the Gutenberg Editor. Using widgets & embeds, plugins like slideshows and forms can be added to pages without shortcodes. Elementor and Divi have plugins that allow you…

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