Targeted research

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Today's issue was the spacing of elements in a PHP function that used flex-direction: row reverse. Answer: justify-content: space-between; But the real deal is targeted research. I looked over a lot…

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The first rule of problem solving

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The first rule of problem solving: If you have a problem that you've done all you can to solve but it still persists, Something you believe to be true is…

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When I first wrote the CSS for my contact form, I wrote this: .main-content { max-width: 60%; margin: 0 auto; } Which looked like it worked. Until I was reviewing…

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Read the manual (documentation)

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Today's eye-opening realization is to read the documentation. I probably spent 2 hours trying to get two fields side by side. After searching the Google groups, I saw the suggestion…

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Well, with this lesson I learned how to spell accessibility and how to make my icons accessible! Whoo Hoo! This code is to place an icon based social media nav…

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Keep a sticky

Today's mind bending realization: Keep a desktop stick note with relevant and frequently used information like hex codes for each project. So much easier than scrolling through the file or…

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Flexbox is the hero!

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The photos are lined up and evenly spaced - all thanks to flexbox. .homepage-featured-work-row { display: flex; flex-flow: row; justify-content: space-between; } After returning to display: block; to pull the…

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Flexbox was the villain!

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Yep, just spent an hour and a half not able to figure out why my headline was laying to the left of my images instead of above them. I kept…

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Coding Blog!

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I always thought about a blog but never really had a direction, a purpose. But listening to Code Newbie today, I heard the best idea. Use your blog as an…

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