maybe a problem

When you don't know what you're doing and so you just follow directions...things can go sideways quickly. I think I followed directions but it really doesn't look right. Also, I…

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Fork then clone

I tried to push my project to Github but it was a no-go. I had cloned the Skillcrush hangman project so it was still assigned to their repo (confirmed with…

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Bundler allowed me to create a gem pretty easily. A couple of notes though. My version worked but I hadn't defined an object along with a method. Doing so is…

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chmod a+x exe/(file name)

Remedy for: WARNING: exe/greeter is not executable WARNING: See for help Got this from the RubyGems docs I still can't make my exe run. Weird but I don't think…

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Although I know I can learn anything, I don't feel like I'm really grasping this yet. Part of it is I still feel crispy. Part of me thinks I shouldn't…

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I created a Bingo card! Well, essentially this is a grid of whatever I would want it to be. It uses the Prawn gem and is written in Ruby. The…

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