Skillcrush is Amazing!

There was once a time when I didn’t know how to code. I knew no languages or how to build WordPress sites. I also knew nothing about marketing and very little about design. And if you asked me about freelancing I would have just given you a puzzled look. But then I took some Skillcrush courses.

I’ve wanted to know how to code for a long time. But I had a lot of misconceptions about what it took to learn. I thought I needed to go back to Uni or at least a tech school like DeVry. I thought I needed expensive software to compile my code. I thought I needed capital I level Investment. Fortunately I wasn’t bogged down from thinking it was a boy thing or that I wasn’t smart enough. I just thought it was expensive and would require me to commit to a lifestyle I knew I didn’t want.

At the same time, I would see tons of videos and ads for programs to learn to code. I downloaded apps that were targeted towards helping kids to code. I tried watching some videos but I just fell asleep. I bookmarked sites to learn like a crazy person. I had no idea where to start or how to proceed once I started. But somewhere along the way I heard of Skillcrush and subscribed to their mailing list.

At least once a month they send a link to a webinar. What I know now is that they often feature an alum or an expert on finding work in tech. The focus is really tech skills to improve your job prospects – to level up career-wise. But this one featured Adda, the CEO of Skillcrush.

Adda is a whirlwind of enthusiasm and energy. She told her story of the day she was laid off at a company and realizing that the people who didn’t lose their job that day were the developers. She learned to code, started a development business, and then formed Skillcrush. People who joined Skillcrush learned skills. They found jobs in tech. They started their own freelance businesses. Watching Adda explain what Skillcrush is and what it had to offer, it felt so doable, so approachable.

The energy and vibe were different than any other company I had looked at. Decidedly feminine, fresh colors. A largely female staff that is amazingly supportive and helpful. A well-organized syllabus that would eventually take me from total noobey to someone who has clients that actually pay her money to create sites for them.

I’ve been fortunate to have had more than a few of the decisions I’ve made for myself turn out to be unabashedly correct. Taking Skillcrush courses has been one of them. When I started I just wanted to know how the internet worked. Now I can write code, create web apps, design and develop sites and so much more. So worth it.

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