Taking the Wes Bos “Beginner Javascript!” course

Why would I take a beginner JavaScript course? Well, I’ll tell you. 😀

  • I’m always looking for new ways to explain concepts to students and Wes does an amazing job of explaining JavaScript.
  • Sometimes you forget things you don’t use very often – like using a backslash in a string.
  • I’m planning on taking all of his courses over the winter so I figured I would start from the beginning.
  • It makes me feel good that I’ve obviously learned so much and become so much more comfortable with JavaScript since I took the course years ago.

I’m also planning on using the projects in the course in some labs. I like to take a site I’ve already coded and add features to it. It’s a great way to practice my skills while not having to dig too deep into a new project. I plan on writing up some posts on labs soon. 🙌

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